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Update on Acres & Avenues Realty, Inc....

We have now joined Keller Williams Realty Parishwide Partners, LLC.

Main office is in Monroe, this is the Ruston Business office.  We will continue to offer all our customers the same satisfying commitment as in the past.  We continue to operate same location, same agents, with our same rate of high success.

Jay Melancon, Pam Bunn and KC Allen will be working as Acres & Avenues Team.
Same faces, address and phone number.. 318-255-8006


Over 75 Years of Combined Real Estate Experience

Acres & Avenues Realty, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years satisfying customers. In this constantly changing market, we have still managed to keep our high rate of success. Our recent sales are an example of our ongoing commitment to getting the job done.

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Our Location

Phone: (318) 255-8006
Fax: (318) 255-0543
300 W. Carolina Ave.
Ruston, LA 71270